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'It is amazing': Desperate woman prays for helps and the most amazing thing happens

When you feel like your world has come crashing down, it can sometimes feel like there is no way out.

This is how a woman from Osceola County in Florida felt – that is until a random act of kindness came her way. 

"I never pray, and I prayed yesterday morning," Cassandra Orozco said

"You know what I need. Just please give it to me.''

With only a few dollars left to her name and a 2-year-old to take care of, she needed some help. 

It was only hours later when she pulled into a gas station that she noticed something strange stuck to the petrol pump and thought that her prayers may have been answered. 

There was a gift card taped to it and Cassandra was in total disbelief.

She took a picture of the gas pump and gift card for social media.

Attached to the gift card was a photograph of a baby called Eleanor-Josephine, who was stillborn on September 11th, 2015.

Her mother Natalie has been performing acts of kindness in her honour, like buying gift cards at various stores and paying for the meals of random strangers.

"To be blessed by someone who doesn't want anything in return. It is amazing, ya know? I want Eleanor-Josephine's memory to live on forever," Cassandra said.

"Anytime you lose someone, everyone fears that they're going to be forgotten," Natalie Visage explains. 

"She's not here to make an impact on the world, and I want to make sure that she could still do that."

Natalie's act of kindness changed Cassandra's life and she says that she plans to pay it forward once she's back on her feet. 

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