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'It gives me hope' Pizza parlour employee's incredible gesture brings mum to tears

Jesse Young and her son Jasper were travelling from Vanderbilt, when they stopped at a pizza parlour in a small Tennessee town.

They were the first customers in the door, and when they got inside Jesse spotted an employee sitting eating.

What the mum instantly noticed was the employee, Diana, had some sort of mental/physical disability.

While Jesse and her son continued to eat their lunch, the mum watched Diana in admiration not expecting what was to happen next.

Then the manager of the store, Brandon, came out to clear Diana’s table.

And when he came back with a napkin, he had outdone all expectations.

Brandon walked over and wiped Diana’s face for her when she had finished eating.

As a mother of a disabled child, Jesse was moved to tears, saying: “Just knowing that there are people like this in the world gives me hope.”

Jesse added: "I think about how often we are quick to share our bad customer service experiences on Facebook. I think that we should be just as quick to share these experiences as well."

The post which was posted on Love What Matters by Jesse, has garnered a lot of attention with many users agreeing that we do not praise people enough. 

Have you any experiences like this one? We think Brandon is a wonderful young man. 

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