Ireland’s leading fertility clinic to host FREE Webinar Introduction to IVF

Thérapie Fertility Clinic Free Webinar is to host a free webinar ‘Introduction to IVF’ on January 18th.  The webinar will start at 7pm and run for approximately 1 hour.

What to expect from our webinar?

  • Introduction to Thérapie Fertility
  • What services do we provide
  • What is IVF/ICSI
  • What is IUI
  • Options for same sex female couples
  • Options for single women
  • Using donor sperm
  • Egg Freezing
  • Testing options for men and women
  • Pricing and your payment options
  • FAQS

There will be time at the end of the event to ask questions, or people can feel free to send in any questions they have via our social channels.

Thérapie Fertility is Ireland’s most affordable clinic helping to make fertility treatments more accessible to every couple and individual who are either at a stage in their lives whereby they are experiencing fertility issues as well of those making a voluntary and empowering decision to plan with egg freezing. They are also proud to be the Ireland’s most inclusive clinic, placing great importance on equity of care regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Thérapie Fertility is a game changer for IVF and egg freezing treatments in Ireland.

Thérapie Fertility is the only Irish clinic offering a finance option, allowing people to spread out the cost of treatment, to help couples and individuals to have one less worry through what can be a very stressful time in their lives.

At Thérapie Fertility, patient treatment is overseen by Dr. John Kennedy, renowned Irish fertility consultant, but is led by the team of highly skilled nurses who assist patients every step of the way through their fertility journey.

Commenting on the webinar, Medical Director Dr. John Kennedy says:

 “I am proud that Thérapie Fertility are making fertility treatment available at the most accessible price. We want to help more people than ever become parents, as sadly in the past, many have been unable to access treatment due to the financial cost. Our regular free webinars, podcasts and social media presence are reaching more people than ever and opening up the fertility conversation.”

People can register to attend the free event by clicking here.  

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