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'I'm BORED': Six activities to see them - and you! - through the rain

Dare we whisper it? Yes! The evenings ARE getting a little brighter now that it’s February.

Still, and away from the standard whirl of school, homework and extra-curricular activities, keeping the kids occupied at this time of year is no mean feat.

At least armed with a few tips and tricks you CAN continue to make sure that the kids happy and sane (something which should help your own sanity too!).

Here are MagicMum’s top six activities to keep the whole family amused…

1) Get seriously messy

One word: slime. And kids just ADORE it. Once it’s approached with caution, it needn’t cause you load of cleanup afterwards either.

Get your wellies and raincoats or aprons on, and then fill a big plastic storage box or large plastic bowl with cornstarch and water. Mix together with a drop or two of food colouring – and watch your little ones embrace hours of fun.

2) Go on a treasure hunt

The ultimate answer to, “Mum, I’m BORED!” It doesn’t have to cost anything either – as you can use items and toys you already have at home.

To make it more fun, pick a theme – pirates, princesses, animals safari, or cartoons, for example – and have your kids dress up or carry props. Write out your age-appropriate clues (we recommend at least six) that will then bring your children around the hunt.

Feeling ambitious? You can also decorate the clues in line with your chosen theme. At the end, have a stash of treasure hidden away. Fill with inexpensive trinkets and sweets, or else round up things you have at home.

3) Don’t forget about crafts

Cereal boxes, crayons, glitter, glue, newspaper, paint, cardboard kitchen rolls, envelopes, string, cotton wool, and egg cartons – all can be used to create something really special.

And old-school craft activities are particularly great if you have children of different ages: create a family of robots, a scene from outer space, a zoo, or the likes of St Patrick’s Day tat.

It means everyone can chip in, and older kids delight in helping out their younger counterparts too.

4) Just dance

Put on their (or your!) favourite tracks and just dance. This is ideal if it’s lashing rain or freezing cold outside. Encourage your children to mastermind a mini-concert or performance – have them teach you the moves afterwards too so you can join in.

If your little ones like singing they can also mash together different songs and belt out a few tunes karaoke-style. Otherwise, simply coming up with routines and choreography will delight them for hours.

Costumes are optional – but to be encouraged!

5) Go to more events

Bringing the kids along to a new event or activity is always to be welcomed. And McDonald’s is holding a Family Fun Day on Thursday, February 23 from 12pm-6pm at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

The celebration is to coincide with the release of the Lego Batman movie – which is also the theme for the latest Happy Meal.

Definitely a highlight for little ones of all ages, there will be a spectacle of balloon-modelling and face-painting. You can find out more about the Family Fun Days being held near you here.

6) Get gardening

Let’s face it – as mums we still have to get things ‘done’. While we don’t quite recommend trying to sell chores to your child as a fun pastime (well, you can try!) getting them involved in ‘grown-up’ activities usually delights.

This is particularly true when it comes to gardening – even in the February drizzle. So put on coats and hats, and together as a family get weeding, trimming, and digging. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about plants, flowers, and nature.


To find out more about the Lego Batman Family Fun Day at McDonald’s, you can click here


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