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Ikea & Lego come together to create a new collection

Ikea and the Lego Group reveal the long-awaited outcome of their collaboration. The two brands have joined forces to create a playful storage solution called Bygglek. Consisting of a series of storage boxes with Lego studs and a special Lego brick set, the new collection aims to encourage play and infuse more fun into storage around the home.

With a strong belief that play makes both the home and the world a better place, Ikea and the Lego Group set out to remove barriers to play in daily life, whilst creating a practical yet playful experience that children and adults could enjoy together.

Play is the most intuitive and powerful way for children to learn and grow. However, children and adults sometimes have different views when it comes to play and creativity at home. Where adults often have a need to create structure and organize, children see a stimulating and creative environment in which they naturally want to play, pause and then replay. *

In tidying up and reorganizing children’s creative space during playtime, we not only disrupt their play but also their creative expression and growth. Therefore, they wanted to create a storage solution that itself offers a fun playful experience. As the Bygglek boxes are equipped with Lego studs on the top and the front, kids can integrate the storage boxes as part of their LEGO builds. They can store their stories inside them, and proudly display their creations on top of them.

The Bygglek range consists of 4 different products – one set of 3 small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes and one set of Lego bricks to kick-start the playful experience. Bygglek can be used with any existing and future Lego elements, as the studs used on the lid and front are part of the Lego system in play. The Lego System in play enables children to build and rebuild their own stories and through this process develop essential 21st century skills – with Bygglek we hope to extend the Lego play experience in providing fun creative storage solutions that are just as playable as they are functional.

The Bygglek collection will be available to purchase in Ikea stores and online from October 1.

Bygglek product pricing

  • Bygglek box with lid, set of 3 for €9.99
  • Bygglek box with lid (L26xW18, H12cm), €12.99
  • Bygglek box with lid (L35xW26, H12cm), €14.99
  • Bygglek 201-piece LEGO brick set, €14.99
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