If you want a happy baby, these are the names to choose

Apparently, if you want your child to be happy and do well in life, it is all down to their name.

Research says that the moniker you choose for your kid might help them to be more or less successful in life.

Psychologist Dr David Holmes has revealed the male and female names that are typically  the happiest on the planet.

So have a look through and see what you think. 

Girls names

1. Stephanie

Although this name wasn't as popular after the 1980's, it is quite underrated don't you think? 

2. Pam

This is another less chosen name these days but maybe it shouldn't be if all the Pam's out there are super happy.

3. Pat

So similar to Pam, and so much happiness here too. This unisex name means ''noble''. 

4. Judy

An old-fashioned name, this one is set to make a comeback as it first shot to poplularity almost a century ago. 

5. Linda

Meaning "pretty", this name knocked Mary off the top spot for queen names. 

Boys names

1. Terry 

This one was one of the first to make unisex names popular, it's not a mad name but it's still different.

2. Joshua

This Hebrew name, which means "the Lord is my salvation", is often shortened to Josh. Cute. 

3. Barry

Meaning, "spear", this name has Irish origins. 

4. Jason

This was a popular name during the 1970's. Meaning "to heal" in Greek.

5. Matthew

This biblical name means "gift of God" and ahs always been popular.

And it makes for a happy child too. 

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