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'If I have to crawl, I'll finish it': mum-of-two pledges to run the entire Wild Atlantic Way

Mum-of-two Amie Spade, has the nickname "live wire" for a reason. 

The 38-year-old from Ohio has travelled around the world, from Nicaragua to Iceland, to take part in the world's most extreme sports events. 

And her latest adventure is bringing her to our very own fair Isle. 

Spade will be attempting to run the length of the Wild Atlantic Way, all 2,500 km of it, in under 38 days. If she reaches her target she could set a new Guinness World record for the fastest time to run the length of Ireland's west coast. 

She's not in it just for the scenery however, she hopes that her monster trek will raise awareness for her partner's rare genetic condition. 

Her "ultimate race partner", Adam Jacobs was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis as a child. The genetic disorder, also known as NF1, affects the growth of the nervous system, resulting in changes to skin pigmentation and tumour growth. 

It is estimated that between 3,000-4,000 people world wide are affected by NF1, but that won't stop Jacobs living life to the full.

He too is a fan of extreme endurance events, even meeting Spade during a race in the UK, in 2016. The pair, however, didn't become a couple until a year later while both recovering from ankle injures. 

"It was definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me," Spade told TODAY. 

"We call each other spirit humans," she continued. "He's my ultimate race partner."

The couple hope that their story will encourage others with health problems to embrace fitness. Spade's run will be sponsoring the Neuro Foundation, which is hoping to raise enough money to hire a full-time nurse at the Neuro clinic in London. 

"I can't quit," said Spade. "If I have to crawl, I'll finish it."

Spade plans to start at Malin Head in Donegal. Jacobs himself is hoping to run the final five days along Haven Coast and cross the finish line at Kinsale in Cork. We hope they brought rain jacket.  

"In my own eyes, it's completely crazy and incredible at the same time," Jacobs said. "It's an absolutely incredible feat and I can't tell you how much I admire and love her for doing something like that."

Currently in training for the monster feat, the pair are hoping to raise enough funds and awareness to take off in July 2019. 

Definitely watch this space! 

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