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'I was floored': Neighbours find out that they're long-lost sisters

Hillary Harris was adopted as a young baby and had spent years searching for her birth family.

She knew that she had a half-sister from her adoption file and she also knew her name…Dawn Johnson. 

However, the 31-year-old just simply had no luck trying to reach her, scouring the Internet to no avail. 

Just when she had given up, a woman moved in next-door to her in Eau Claire, Wisconsin – by the name of Dawn.

Spooky or what!

Hillary confided in her husband that she thought the new neighbour could possibly be her sister…even though she was 20 years older than Hillary.

After two whole months of fleeting glances but no conversation, the universe stepped in once again. 

A large shipment of roofing shingles was left in their shared driveway between their houses.

And what was on the label?

JOHNSON in a big red, hand-scrawl.

Hillary was speechless. She told the Washington Post, ''I was floored. I was almost speechless. I called Lance right away and said: Her last name is Johnson. That’s Dawn Johnson. It’s got to be her. It’s got to be.”


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Finally, she worked up the courage to text Dawn. 

“Were you the Loyal Corn Fest queen in 1983?” she asked.

She had learned this information  about her half sister from her father’s obituary that had been in her adoption file.

Hillary also knew her father’s name was Wayne Clouse.

Dawn replied and soon confirmed that her father was also called Wayne Clouse and that he had passed away in 2010. 


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Screams, tears and laughter followed and the next day, Dawn came over to Hillary's house with flowers and photos of their shared father, saying: “Hi sis.”

The sisters are now inseparable.

“When I finally met Dawn, it was the missing piece to my puzzle,” Hillary said.

 “She fills so many voids in our lives — she’s like a big sister and mother to me, grandmother to [my daughter] Stella.”

This incredible story just goes to show that fate has mysterious ways of working! 

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