'I have chosen you’ Dad left speechless after he opens surprise parcel

When Jon returned home from work one evening he was surprised to see a parcel addressed to him by the front door. 

Carrying it into his kitchen, he opens it to the best surprise of his life, he's going to be a father! 

Little does he know that his wife is catching the entire thing on a hidden camera. 

He peers inside the box with visible confusion and we can see him reading a note on the lid of the box: 

"Dear John, After careful consideration I cannot express how happy I am to have chosen you as my father!" 

Emotion clearly overwhelms him and he's shocked into silence. Only eventually to reply: "What? You're pregnant already?!"

His astonishment was real, as the decision to have a baby was made not too long before the reveal and he was unprepared for it to happen so fast. 

"You got me pregnant straight away!" 

She was surprised that he had not noticed her changing her habits since becoming pregnant, in particular the fact that she'd stopped drinking. 

"I feel like this is the engagement in reverse," he jokes. 

She said that she had planned on telling him over a TV marathon at the weekend but the morning sickness had ruined her plans. 

The pair have since had a little boy named Jameson. 

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