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Husband takes 'unflattering' photo of wife and decides to show it to her a few days later

Kelsey Carder was standing in her bathroom, trying to straighten her hair while her shadow was standing beside her. 

She could spot her shadow in the mirror, but didn't realise that anyone else was watching. 

Her shadow isn't the normal kind though, Kelsey's shadow is her little tot Kane. 

Kane follows his mum everywhere, copying her every move, which includes pretending to straighten his hair too. 

But neither of them knew that Dad was observing the pair from the other room, taking a snap of the duo getting themselves ready for the day.

However, after a couple of days had passed, Kelsey's partner showed her the photo one evening, and that is when the mum realised something incredibly important that she needed to share on Love What Matters:

"As unflattering as this picture may be… I love it. You can take a million perfect selfies, but the pictures your kids will appreciate when they are older, are ones like this."

"The pictures I WILL appreciate when my kids are grown, are the ones like this. The ones that hold precious memories."

Kelsey makes a plea to all the dads out there to please take the photos, just like her partner did.

It doesn't matter if the snaps aren't 'flattering' or if the lighting isn't perfect, it's the memories that will count. 

"Take more pictures of HER. The moments when she's on the floor playing with your kids, making a mess in the kitchen or is soaking wet giving them a bath. Unplanned, but perfectly imperfect. Because those are the ones she will cherish forever."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves Kelsey – this is beautiful. And as for the 'unflattering' photo, it's perfect in our eyes. 

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