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HSE urges parents not to name children with Covid in WhatsApp groups

Parents are being warned to stop spreading rumours and naming children with Covid in WhatsApp groups.

The HSE have urged parents to be more mindful when it comes to speculation over which child is Covid positive through group WhatsApp messages.

“It is important that children and families do not feel targeted or pressure to release information,” the HSE have said.

What might start out as well-meaning concern can quickly turn into mass hysteria and cruel gossip.

They believe that these rumours can also cause unnecessary stress on the family who are trying to care for their sick child.

Parents are reminded that it’s important that “a child’s confidentiality is not broken in line with normal GDPR requirements”.

This warning comes as many children returned to school yesterday following the easing of restrictions around children who are considered close contacts to a Covid case.

From yesterday, Monday, September 27, primary school children who were considered a close contact were allowed to return to school without getting a Covid test, as long as they presented no Covid symptoms.

However, as outlined by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, “children aged 12 years or under who are identified as household close contacts in household settings will still be required to restrict movements and get tested, regardless of symptomatic status.”

This means that children who are living with a positive Covid case, as well as children who might have attended a sleepover in a house occupied by a positive Covid case, will still have to restrict their movements, stay home from school and get tested.

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