How to make sure your kids don't have an asthma attack on Halloween

With it being Halloween, no doubt the family will all be exposed to smoke-filled surroundings, watching firework displays and gathering around bonfires. While it is a fun time of year (especially for the little ones), if you or your kids suffer from asthma, precautions need to be taken. Smoke from bonfires and fireworks can lead to serious breathing difficulties in people with asthma, the Asthma Society of Ireland has warned.

“As Halloween season is upon us, legal or not, many people will find themselves near bonfires and fireworks this week. Both children and adults who have asthma need to avoid the fumes which are produced by bonfires and fireworks at Hallowe’en," Sarah O’Connor, CEO of the Asthma Society, said. "These fumes can cause difficulty breathing and can be fatal for some people with asthma. We advise anyone with asthma not to attend events with fireworks or bonfires.”

If, however, you have asthma and you find yourself at an event with bonfires and fireworks, you should:
  • Keep as much distance between you and the bonfire/fireworks fumes as possible
  • Carry your reliever inhaler (usually blue) with you everywhere you go and use it if necessary over the Halloween period
  • Use your preventive inhaler as prescribed as this will help strengthen your respiratory system
  • Be extra aware if you're out in very cold weather: it will be very cold, which is a major asthma trigger – dress in warm clothing and wear a scarf over your mouth which will help filter the air
  • Ensure someone with you knows about your asthma and knows how to help you if asthma symptoms occur
  • Carry your asthma attack card with you in case of an emergency

Have fun, but remember to stay safe and put your health before the ghostly fun and games. 

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