How cute: Mum dresses her baby girl up as women in history

Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Frida Kahlo and Queen Elizabeth II all changed the world in their own unique ways. There are so many inspiring women in history that made a positive impact on the world.

It is so important to share the stories of women in history with your daughters. One mum has introduced her baby girl to these icons in the most adorable way.

Jenelle Wexler dresses her daughter Liberty up as women who fought for and helped protect women’s rights.

The mum shares photos of her little girl in the most impressive costumes on Instagram. Liberty has dressed up as everyone from Cleopatra to Billie Jean King and from Queen Elizabeth II to Betsy Ross.

The account is proving popular having amassed nearly 5,000 followers, who just can’t get enough of the genius snaps.

Not only is the account incredibly cute, but it is also educational. Alongside the photos of Liberty in her costumes, her mum pens informative mini-biographies about each woman.

This is officially our new favourite Instagram account. It’s adorable, empowering and informative. What more could you ask for?

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