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How an innocent question asked by a four-year-old baffled the Internet

As parents, we love to extend our wisdom and knowledge of the world to our children.

However, our kids have creative minds and there are certain questions that leave us speechless.

Cue turning to strangers on the Internet to help us answer the hard ones.

This is what happened to Joe Randazzo when his four-year-old asked him whether the sun would melt a ghost.

Thankfully, Twitter never fails to deliver. Although we don't think Joe was expecting such a large response.

Users were quick to chime in some random, yet comical explanations.

Then there were the ones who got very technical and have us all a little bit baffled.

Naturally, other parents posed the question to their children and family.

The replies are adorable, but it seems they've been left with more questions than conclusions.

Joe may have gotten an answer for his four-year-old, but he has opened a can of worms for others.

His tweet has racked up 1.7K retweets and 15K likes – and just in time for Halloween too. 

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