Hilarious and heartwarming! How the internet reacted to this first time mum's call for advice

When we’re first pregnant, all we can feel (aside form morning sickness) is pure joy and excitement! We have twenty new Pinterest boards made for nurseries and maternity wear, we get to tell all our friends and family and watch our little bump grow week by week.

But as we get larger and larger, we all eventually have the awful dawning moment:

This baby has to come out of me.

It’s a heart-stopping thought, especially when it’s your first time giving birth and because everyone’s birth story is different, sometimes attempts by family and friend sto reassure you can actually do the opposite.

Which is why we could all relate, when on November 8th, Kendra Fortmeyer tweeted:

‘Those who have given birth:

What's one thing you wish you'd known going into labor+delivery?

(xxo, 37 weeks and Very Anxious)’

We’ve all looked for that reassurance, that advice that makes the difference when we’re freaking out on our way to the delivery room.

But what was really incredible was the response that Kendra received. Answers flooded in from all over the world with mums rushing to help ease her fears and support a new mum to be.

Women shared theories, experiences, advice and reassurances as the timeline was overwhelmed with love and assurances that while it would be weird, it would be fine.

‘You are more than strong enough to cope with whatever comes your way,’ one well-wisher replied. ‘My labour went exactly as I hoped it wouldn't in almost every way and to my amazement it was somehow fine. You are strong. You will know what to do when it happens. You've got this.’

Others chimed in with more practical advice: ‘You know how in tv and movies there's some annoying person reminding the mother to breathe? That's not just for tv, you really might forget to breathe and it really does help. Also soak some sanitary towels (big ones) in tea tree oil and put them in the freezer now.’

There was a huge wave of support across the internet as all the mamas came together to share their birth stories and what they learned from it. There were hilarious anecdotes about needing massive underwear after the birth and sadder stories about mother’s whose birth plans didn’t go according to plan at all, but all the mothers made sure Kendra felt supported was able to speak up for her needs or have someone there who would while in the delivery room:

‘Have someone who will UNASHAMEDLY advocate for you. Someone who will get in their face if they bully you. I won’t give you my horror story-I’m sure your experience will be beautiful-but have that person who know what your wishes are and what you’re willing to compromise on.’

Check out the thread here to see all the great advice and love for all new mums-to-be!

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