Here are 30 beautiful baby names for your Autumn tot

Autumn is upon us and this gorgeous season of colour is inspirational when it comes to baby names. If you or anyone you know is expect a little Autumn angel soon, here is a list of 30 baby names inspired by the Fall:

For a little girl:

Amber- the bright rusty colour of fallen leaves, popularised recently by Love Island 2019 winner, Amber Rose Gill

Aurelia- meaning 'golden' like the gold and yellow leaves that fall this time of year.

Autumn- for the stunning season that’s in it.

Fern- a sturdy leaf that survives the Autumn wind.

Hazel- for the sweet nut that grows in early Autumn.

Olive- the fruits of the Olive tree turn red during the Autumn months.

Orla- an Irish name meaning ‘golden day’, of which there are many in Autumn.

Persephone- or Sephy for short, this unusual option is the name of the goddess of harvest in Greek mythology.

Raven- for the jet-black bird who steals crops during harvest.

Ruby- Autumn is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to gorgeous names inspired by the colour red.

Saffron- the brightly coloured spice whose hues of crimson red are reminiscent of the Fall.

Sapphire- though it seems out of place next to the vibrant reds of Scarlett and Ruby, Sapphire is the September birthstone and could be perfect for your little gem.

Scarlett- another stunning Autumnal colour.

Sienna- an earthy orange colour that seems to glow like the Autumn sun.

Willow- for the Willow tree that thrives in the colder months

For a little boy:

Adam- which means ‘of the red earth’

Archer- for the Autumnal sport popular in America

Ash- meaning ‘tree’ in Middle English.

Brock- an old English word for ‘badger’

Bruno- meaning ‘brown’, another earthy Autumn shade that makes a gorgeous name for your baby boy.

Cormac- an Irish name meaning ‘tree trunk’.

Forrest- meaning ‘dweller amongst the woods’ has an autumnal feel to it.

Griffin- an old Welsh word meaning prince.

Hunter- a nature inspired name popular in England.

Oakley- or Oak for short, is becoming popular as time goes on and is inspired by the strong tree that grows on the forest floor.

Phoenix- meaning ‘dark red’, is a mythical bird who is reborn from the ashes.

Rory- meaning ‘red king’.

Roux- this charming name might also work for a girl and means ‘red’.

Rowan- this Scottish name means ‘little redhead’ and is the name of an Autumn tree with tiny red berries.

Rusty- another name inspired by the glowing hues of Autumn leaves.




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