Here are 24 of the coolest baby names for your winter tiny tot

Winter is almost upon us. As the world begins to freeze for the chilly season, we thought we share our top 24 names for baby boys and girls, inspired by the winter months.

For your winter girl:

  1. Alaska – the coldest American state

  2. Alba – meaning white

  3. Arya – after Winterfell's finest from Game of Thrones

  4. Bianca – meaning white

  5. Blanche- a classic French name meaning white

  6. Eira – meaning snow in Welsh

  7. Gwen – short for Gwendolyn meaning white fair and blessed.

  8. Neve- meaning snow

  9. North- the most wintery weather occurs in the Northern Hemisphere

  10. Nova – Nova means new in Latin, but makes us think of November

  11. Sansa – Lady Stark of Winterfell

  12. Wren – after the winter songbird

For your winter baby boy:

  1. Aspen – the name of a tree that thrives in winter

  2. Brandon – for the last Stark of Winterfell

  3. Christoph – the leading lad from Frozen

  4. Colden – an old English word for cold

  5. Cole – the heat source used in winter weather

  6. Douglas – the name of a fir tree

  7. Ember – the perfect name for your little fella born in November

  8. Jack – after Jack Frost of course!

  9. Jonas – the name of a winter storm that came in 2012

  10. Olwen – meaning white footprint

  11. Quilo – the Roman word for Northwind

  12. Yukio – meaning snow in Japanese





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