Here are 22 adorable names for your daughter

Picking a name for your daughter can be a lot of fun, especially when there are so many adorable monikers to choose from. There are sweet flower names like Daisy and Poppy, ones inspired by the royals like Charlotte or Diana, and traditional ones like Alice and Marie.

We’ve gathered up some of our favourite names for little girls and hopefully you expectant-mums will seek some inspiration from this list.

  1. Molly meaning ‘star of the sea’

  2. June – after the month

  3. Lillian – meaning ‘lily’

  4. Beatrice – meaning ‘she who makes happy’

  5. Violet – after the flower

  6. Clara – meaning clear and bright’

  7. Edith – meaning ‘blessed’

  8. Blossom – everything is blooming

  9. Claire – meaning ‘bright and clear’

  10. Daisy – sweet flower name

  11. Denver – meaning ‘green valley’

  12. Nora – meaning ‘honour’

  13. Bluebell – a pretty spring flower

  14. Florence – meaning ‘blooming’

  15. Kelby – meaning ‘place by the spring’

  16. Laverna – meaning ‘born in the spring’

  17. Ida – meaning ‘hardworking and diligent’

  18. Clementine – meaning ‘merciful’

  19. Penelope – after the wife of Odysseus from Greek mythology

  20. Fay – meaning ‘fairy’

  21. Harriett meaning ‘Keeper of the hearth’

  22. Annie meaning ‘gracious’

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