Here are 20 names for your baby inspired by Peaky Blinders

Every so often, we discover a television show that inspires us in strange ways. 

Peaky Blinders is a show about violent gangsters, and yet we find ourselves pretty obsessed with the various characters. 

If you are also a massive fan of this brilliant series, why not look for baby naming inspiration from the characters? 

There are a number of strong men and women in this show, with really great names:


1. Michael – after Michael Gray. 

2. John – after John Shelby. 

3. Thomas – after the main man, Thomas Shelby. 

4. Finn – after the youngest of the Shelby boys. 

5. Arthur – after the eldest Shelby brother. 

6. Alfie – after Alfie Solomons, the leader of the Jewish gang. 

7. Freddie – after the late Freddie Thorne, husband of Ada Shelby.

8. Charlie – after little Charles Shelby, Tommy's son.

9. Isiah – after one of the younger Peaky Blinders. 

10. Luca – after Luca Changretta, of the New York mafia. 

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1. Polly – after the Matriarch of the Shelby clan. 

2. Tatiana – after the (slightly crazy) Russian Duchess.

3. Grace – after the wife of Thomas Shelby.

4. Linda – after the wife of Arthur Shelby. 

5. Ada – after the only Shelby sister. 

6. Esme – after the wife of John Shelby.

7. May – after the beautiful May Carleton. 

8. Lizzie – after Thomas Shelby's lover and close friend. 

9. Jessie – after Jessie Eden.

10. Izabella – after the Russian Grand Duchess.

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