Here are 14 gem-inspired baby names for your little treasure

There's nothing quite as precious as our children. They mean the world to us, and so naturally we want to give them names that show how very much we cherish them.

With this in mind, we thought of gemstone-inspired baby names because we treasure our own little ones so very much.

Here are 14 of our favourite baby names that sparkle just as much as our kids:

1) Amber after the fossilised tree resin often used in jewellery

2) Jade after the mineral that features heavily in ancient Asian art

3) Jasper after the ornamental stone that comes in hues of red, yellow, brown, or green

4) Micah after the mineral mica, which was used in cave paintings from the Upper Paleolithic period

5) Pearl after the birthstone for the month of June

6) Ruby after the July birthstone

7) Esmeralda after the Spanish version of emerald

8) Gemma, originating from the Italian name meaning gemstone

9) Sterling after a high-quality grade of silver

10) Sapphire after the birthstone for September

11) Amethyst after a violet variety of quartz

12) Jett after jet, a type of black gemstone

13) Alexander after alexandrite, a type of gemstone that changes colour in the light

14) Jacinda after jacinth, a reddish-orange gem

Did we miss any of your favourite gem-inspired baby names?

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