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Heartwarming! Young boy meets the stranger who saved his life

Dylan Bennett was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease shortly after his second birthday. 

Little Dylan got very ill in the weeks following his diagnosis, and his parents were worried for his life. 

Dylan Bennett (right) met and thanked his donor Joe Partridge (left) for donating stem cells which helped cure him 

Thankfully Joe Partridge, a father-of-two, came to te rescue and donated his stem cells to create a cure for Dylan. 

Stem cells were taken from Joe's blood and were transfused into Dylan to cure his immune disorder.

Joe did not know Dylan or his family, but was just a concerned and generous stranger.  

Last weekend, Joe and Dylan met for the first time among friends and family.

Dylan, who has made a full recovery,gave Joe a special gift: a toy lion wearing a T-shirt with the words "My Hero Joe. Thanks For Saving Me."

What a truly heartwarming story! 

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