Have you heard of panda parenting?: The new parenting style explained

Panda parenting is growing in popularity and we’re not one bit surprised. The popular parenting tactic is appealing to more and more mums and dads, but what exactly is it?

Simply put, this parenting style is all about guiding your little one as opposed to pushing them. They have the freedom to follow their own path with the support of their parents and many believe it is extremely beneficial.

According to author Esther Wojcicki, panda parenting is a mix of hard and soft techniques. They use the ‘perfect ratio of cuddliness and claw.’

Panda parenting is all about encouraging your mini-mes to follow their own path, gain responsibility and to learn from their mistakes.

It is a lot less structured than other parenting styles, as it focuses on giving your kids a real sense of freedom.

They believe teaching children in a creative way by exploring and using their imagination is far better than studying books for hours and hours.

Panda parents also focus on boosting their kids self-esteem and being as positive as possible.

It is a non-traditional way of parenting that helps children be more self-aware. It helps them develop a sense of responsibility, independence and respect.

Every mum will discover her own individual way of parenting, but maybe panda parenting will work for you? Do you think it is worth trying or is it another pointless parenting philosophy?

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