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Guy proposes to his girlfriend's sister... and it's amazing

Will Seaton has been seeing his girlfriend Ashley for seven years, and the couple could not be more in love. 

But the moment that really stole Ashley's heart was when Will proposed to her sister Hannah. 

Ashley and her sister are best friends, so when the couple first got together Ashley made it known that Hannah was going to be an integral part of their lives.

"When we first met, I told Will that my sister Hannah – who has special needs – and I were a package deal."

"Seven years later, Will became the best thing that's ever happened to the both of us."

So when the family were all prepared for their yearly photoshoot, Ashley thought it would be a nice idea for Hannah and Will to have some pictures taken together. 

And Will was more than happy with the suggestion as he told Ashley that he had a surprise for her sister. 

Using her grandmother's ring, Will got down on one knee, proposing to 15-year-old Hannah, asking if she would consider becoming his best friend forever. 


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When Hannah replied yes and the entire family was reduced to tears (as are we), Will then turned and asked Ashley to be his wife forever! 

Obviously Ashley said yes, but if you're anything like us you're already in tears anyhow… sobbing. 

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