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#GUILTY: 12 things pretty much every pregnant woman has secretly done

There definitely comes a time in every pregnancy when we just decide to throw caution to the wind, and do what we want. 

The things we do while carrying our babies can sometimes be embarrassing, but we do them all the same.

Here are 12 of the things we are all guilty of, in secret of course…

1. Left your jeans unbuttoned all day

So much more comfortable. No judgement here…

2. Had a preference of the babies sex

A healthy baby is the real goal, but some people can't help but fantasise about having a little boy/girl. 

3. Avoided certain shoes because of swollen ankles

As much as we want to wear our six-inch heels, we know it is NEVER going to happen. 

4. Drank caffeine

Caffeine should be avoided, but we have all had one of those "I NEED a coffee" mornings. 

5. Blamed hormones for your behaviour

"I'm not a b***h, I'm hormonal"

disney sad cartoon the little mermaid pout

6. Peed your pants a little

Nature calls ladies.

7. Held your belly so people know you're pregnant 

Just in case passers-by are wondering.

8. Ordered EVERYTHING on the menu

Eating for two remember? 

9. Had a full conversation with your bump

No, it's not crazy! There is a human in there. 

10. Dropped something and not picked it up

Bending over is SUCH an ordeal.. 

11. Pregnancy selfies

We've all done it. 

12. Tested your nipples for milk

Just for curiosity. 

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