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Grandson has spent 20 years helping his illiterate grandma in the sweetest way

A 74-year-old grandmother by the name of Encarna Alés has been unable to read and write since she left school at eight years of age. 

While she has been able to manage, she does love to call her family and friends and can't read people's names in her phone book. 

It has been down to her grandson, Pedro Ortega, who has developed a creative solution to solve his grandmothers problem and it has worked for 20 years. 

So what his the genius solution?

Well, Pedro has been drawing doodles since he was 11-years-old that match up to each of his grandmother's phone numbers. 

The illustrations have now gone viral, thanks to social media. 

The drawings help Encarna to identify the number based on its drawing, rather than its name.

How intelligent is that? 

Pedro told the BBC, “every time I’m back home, I sit down and add new drawings for her. It’s become something special between the two of us.”

The 31-year-old continued, ''it was something we thought of together. She says something unique about every person and I draw it out for her."

He explained about his grandmother's background, saying that, "she was forced to leave school at the age of eight to go and work in a bakery to provide for her family. Women from her background lacked the opportunity to develop and educate themselves.'' 

We think it is just the most delightful idea ever! 

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