Grandmother is shocked when she reads the top of a gender reveal cake

Sharing your gender reveal with family and friends is what makes the moment extra special.

They're a part of your everyday, making them just as excited for you as you are about your impending arrival. 

It was the same for the Glock family when they were partaking in their gender reveal. 

The couple gathered their closest family members to reveal their baby's gender, nonetheless, there was a surprise in store for granny-to-be. 

The Glock's conveniently left out a pretty big revelation about their pregnancy which was soon to be revealed when Grandmum read the top of a Dr. Seuss cake!

It began: "A person is a person, no matter how small; thing one, thing two."

The Glock's are expecting TWINS! 

The shocked expression on Granny's face says it all, as the family are twice as excited to learn the news. 

And the big moment when the family cut in to the triple layered cake, they find out they're going to have both a boy and a girl. 

The excitement is palpable! Such a cool way to involve family members in your big news. 

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