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Grandmother goes skydiving with her granddaughter and we’re shuddering

OK, first off the thought of jumping out of a plane gives us palpitations, secondly, could you imagine doing it when you’re almost 70-years-old?

Yep, a heart attack in one jump.

However, that wasn’t the case for Zuo Shufen, a 69-year-old grandmother from China who teamed up with her granddaughter for a skydiving trip, jumping over 13K feet to the ground.

‘Forgetting’ to tell her son about her plans, he was incredibly shocked to learn that his elderly mum and his daughter went on the adventure.

Speaking to Inside Edition, Zuo said: “[I] wasn’t nervous until the plane door opened.”

But she jumped anyhow, even giving the camera a thumbs up when she landed on ground.

We are in total awe of this woman, but yet we can't ever see ourselves getting up to the same escapades! 

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