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Granddad owns this teenager on the basketball court

It's a rite of passage: young people thinking they can out do us with half the experience.

While it's important for teenagers to find their voices and challenge their elders – being humble never gets old.

One Michigan teenage boy learnt this the hard way.

Talking to his friend Dillion, Andrew Menard discovered that Dillion's grandfather had a past on the basketball court.

Andrew suggested a one-on-one game with the older man.

What happened next is something that Andrew will never live down amongst his group of friends, and now the Internet.

Incredibly, Dillion's grandfather seemed like he hadn't forgot any of his former skills once he took to the court.

Andrew oozed confidence, pulling up his shorts as the grandfather had possession of the ball.

Then, the man produced a trick shot that put an end to his ego.

The older gentlemen dummies a shot at the hoop and Andrew falls for it.

The man takes the actual shot, scores and the rest is history by the howls of his friends.

Unsurprisingly, the Internet has fallen in love with Dillion's grandpapa.

Trevor Luznak captured the magical moment as he explained: “Dillan’s Grandpa was really good so we started videoing and that’s when [it] happened!”

The video was originally uploaded as a joke, but has gone viral.

It has racked up an impressive 2.3 million views in 48 hours.

We've all been there Andrew, it's a valuable life lesson.

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