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Eight-year-old stops car from rolling when her sister suffers a seizure at the wheel... using her back

An eight-year-old girl from Arkansas is being hailed a hero after she saved the life of both her two-year-old niece and older sister, Kindalynn Williams.

Jayda Bell was was sitting in the passenger’s seat of her sister’s car when Kindalynn suddenly took a seizure at the wheel.

Jayda, who was understandably ‘terrified and confused’ managed to bring the car to a halt using Kindalynn’s foot to press on the brakes. She then guessed how to put the car in neutral.

After stopping the vehicle, Jayda took the toddler out of her seat to comfort her.

However, while she was cradling her niece, Jayda realised the car was still rolling.

In an act of bravery, the eight-year-old then used her back to stop the car from moving, and called 911.

The little hero has received a lot of praise from emergency services in the area, and both her sister and the police were shocked at how well Jayda reacted to the situation.

“She’s a special one. We’ve known it from the get-go, we just didn’t know why,” Kindalynn told WGNTV.

Sherwood Police Officer Scott Glidewell added: “I called a buddy of mine and said ‘Hey, I met a hero, she’s eight’.”

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