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Get creative! 12 ESSENTIAL items you need in your kids' craft box


Kids love to get creative; drawing, colouring, painting and even playing with clay – and that's before they've even started school. 

And, due to it's wonderful benefits, getting creative is actually something you should encourage your child to do (even if you can't handle the mess).

In fact, it is great for your child's imagination and helps to develop fine motor skills… so you should ensure you've got a good supply of crafty bits and bobs in your arts and crafts drawer! 

If you are guilty of having just a few sheets of plain paper and a couple of pencils lying around, you DEFINITELY need the following list in your life – it will help you build the BEST art supply box EVER.

1. Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are great for bending into all sorts of shapes.


2. Plasticine, Play doh or Marla

Whatever you call it, kids love this modelling clay which can literally be molded, squashed, rolled and molded again and again!


3. Craft paper: coloured, white, crepe and tracing

Great for drawing on, creating posters and paintings, making paper decorations, cards, etc.(basically, anything your child desires).


4. Water-based paints

Paints are a must in a crafts box: kids love to make hand print pictures…

5. Paint brushes

Paint brushes are a must (if you have paints); try to get good ones so all the bristles don’t fall out when in use.


6. Glitter

Who doesn’t love a bit of glitter?! It will get everywhere though, but that’s half the fun… (something to keep reminding yourself).


7. PVC glue or glue sticks

Another must have – sure you wouldn't be able to make anything good without glue, right? 


8. Markers, colouring pencils and crayons

Kids love these for drawing pictures. They also come in handy for making and writing birthday cards…

9. Stickers

What child doesn’t love stickers?! 


10. Blunt scissors

These are great for teaching your child how to use a scissors properly before they go to school.


11. Snap buttons

These are great for making clocks and any type of picture you might need a moving part on.


12. Apron

You should also invest in a craft apron and a waterproof tablecloth in case things get messy.

And if you REALLY want to get all technical… get yourself a glue gun and get stuck in.

Craft supplies are readily available online.

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