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Brother plays cruel but hilarious prank on superstitious sister

If you have teenagers at home, then you'll be aware of the vast array of sibling pranks that can unfold. From mildly amusing to disastrous, pranks have the potential to get out of hand fast. 

Reddit user, PNWndn, has taken sibling pranks to a whole new level. Some would say, a spiritual level. 

His sister and some friends, were in her room, attempted to communicate with ghosts. They were using a Ouija board, which according to urban legend, can be used to communicate with ghosts.

The brother instantly took advantage of this superstition, with a little help from the break switch. 

Flicking the break switch to his sisters room, we can hear terrified screams in the distance. Is it terrible that we're in stitches? 

I'm that sibling from funny

Sharing the video on Reddit, he wrote "I'm that sibling". Yep, we all know the one, and if you can't think of them then it was probably you. 

Fellow Reddit commenters were loving the simplicity and elegance of the prank. Even suggesting ways fro the prankster to up his game: 

Comment from discussion I'm that sibling.

Comment from discussion I'm that sibling.
Comment from discussion I'm that sibling.

We wait anxiously to see if the sister will get any revenge.  

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