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Gender neutral uniforms are a wonderful idea- here's why

I know NO ONE wants to chat about uniforms in June, but we all know how quickly September rolls around. The idea of a gender-neutral uniform has been discussed before by many parents, so we have come up with five reasons why we think they are the best option. 

1. They will save you money

Having a uniform that can be passed down to your little ones regardless of their gender is cost effective. If your school has a GN uniform option, it allows hand-me-downs to be distributed freely, so you don’t need to buy a fresh uniform for every child. This also reduces waste and is effectively a better recycling technique than having various uniforms in the family.

2. Uniformity

It’s in the name, guys… Yes, we love when our kids can express their individuality. However, one benefit of uniforms is that they make it impossible to distinguish kids based on their social status. Unlike casual dress, uniforms equalise children making it harder to find something to pick on. The same can be the said of gender stereotypes. You can’t tell what kind of person you are by the uniform. You can’t be made fun of for being too camp, too girly or too tom-boyish. Neutral uniforms simply eliminate the gender politics of fashion at an age where it is totally irrelevant.

3. It’s handier

An unbelievably handy uniform option is trousers for winter and shorts for summer. There is no one who cannot wear at least one of these options making them simply the handiest way to approach the school uniform dilemma.

4. For those struggling with their gender identity, it might simplify things in school

Kids have so much on their plates from exams to teenage drama, the last thing they need is to worry about what to wear in the morning. The fluidity of gender identity is accepted more and more these days- and we are delighted- but having a gender-neutral uniform will mean that anyone in transition will not feel obligated to dress a certain way to please others. A uniform that suits everyone can eliminate the pressure of this and help young minds focus on learning at school.

5. They are SO much more versatile by nature

Having shorts rather than a skirt can allow for so much more movement. Many female-aimed uniforms have opted for a skort for this very reason: shorts can allow your little adventurer to climb trees, cartwheel and do whatever they want, freely and comfortably. Opting for a genderless uniform means literally everyone can relax and enjoy being a child.

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