Gag... Dad struggles to change his daughter's nappy, and then THIS happens

Changing your baby's nappy is not exactly one of the most pleasant things about motherhood, to be fair. 

And considering it's one of those things that has to be done, most of us mums and dads just get on with it.

However, we're pretty sure dad Jamie Morse won't be jumping up to help with the next dirty one, after he actually got sick changing his baby.  

Yup, in a video posted on YouTube called "Very Funny" Fatherhood at its best, it is clear that that Jamie is not coping well. 

Gagging a few times, no doubt due to a combination of how it looks and smells, the father tries his best to get it done before anything happens. 

But he's not quick enough (or the smell is too much), and he ends up actually getting sick. TWICE. 

His daughter on the other hand doesn't have a clue what is going on, and just lies there looking around, oblivious to her poor dad! 

Sure, we've all been there… right?!

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