FYI... It’s never OK to comment on a mother’s age. Ever.

Dare we open up a can of worms by talking about the sensitive topic of a mother’s age? 

Nowadays, women are starting their families later and later in life, with mid- to late-thirties being the optimum age for so many.

Career, financial security, not ready to settle or haven’t met the right person – they are all very valid reasons not to pop a sprog out right now.

But while it is more common to wait, not everyone wants to.

When we think back a few years, having a child in your twenties used to be the absolute norm – I’m thinking of our own mum’s generation here – but it’s clearly not anymore.

Sadly, it’s often other mums who are the most judgemental towards those who started ‘early’.

Being a so-called young mum, I have received more than a few annoying and sometimes rude comments from others who are surprised I have a little person that I call my own!

I was far from being eligible to make an appearance on Teen Mom – not that that should make a difference – but having a child in your early twenties seems to give people the opinion that it is OK to comment on your age.

I've had my fair share of comments; from “Oh, you started young” or “you look too young to have a child” to the frustratingly annoying exclamations of "YOU have a child?!’ I'm pretty sure I've heard it all.

And while sometimes people mean it as a compliment, not everyone does – and their surprised face and raised voice are usually their main giveaways! 

For some reason or another other mums (and dads) feel like it is OK to comment on your age (and  sometimes your ability to be a parent) because you started earlier than them but imagine if I hit back with: “Wow, you must have been really old starting off"?

We all know how that would end.  

And while it doesn’t bother me anymore, it used to.

Especially in the early days when I was struggling to find my feet and figure out who I was. 

But now? 

Now I don't care.

Now I've proven that age is just a number in the grand scheme of this thing called life.

And nobody really knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

It’s time we embraced motherhood in all its guises – sure, aren’t we all in this together?! 

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