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Fun ways to encourage your child to write

writingIf your little one is a reluctant writer then there are a few ways you can make writing a fun experience for them.

With a bit of practice, your school kid will turn those scribbles into real letters and words before your very eyes!

Start from the root
Writing takes a lot more concentration for children than you think. Instead of jumping straight to the nitty gritty, try to help your little one develop fine motor skills needed for writing.

Foam letters
Before you hand your child a page and pencil, whip off a few foam letters. Have them outline the letters using their fingers so that they can get the hang of it.

Handwritten signs
Turn your arts and crafts session into a learning session by helping your child make their own signs. They can make one for their bedroom and for anyone else is the house who wants one too!

Do it with love
If there’s a birthday coming up or any other special occasion, you can help your child make a card for it. Older children can even write a loving message inside the card.

Here comes the chef
A lot of children love cookbooks. If your little one is one of them, then why not try to make your own? You can do all the ground work, but have your little one write out the name of the recipe at the top of each page – don’t forget to stick in a few snaps!

Give a little, get a lot
You don’t need to spend every hour of everyday trying to show your little one how to write. Instead, devote 10- 15 minutes of your time every second day to show your school kid how fun it can really be.

Remember, children learn at different rates, so don’t be disappointed if your little one doesn’t learn as quickly as other same-age kids.

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