For your son: 24 names inspired by the ocean

Anyone living on the coast will know how amazing the ocean can be. Ever-changing, the sea is a beautiful mystery and a constant reliable all at the same time. A fountain of artistic inspiration, the ocean is the perfect natural space to look for the perfect name for your little boy. Here are baby names for boys inspired by the sea.

1. Kelby

An old Gaelic term meaning ‘place by the fountain’

2. Alon

A Filipino term for “wave”

3. Cliff

After cliffs that border the ocean

4. Coburn

Meaning ‘where streams meet’

5. Firth

Meaning 'arm of the sea'

6. Aegir

After the Norse sea god.

7. Hector

After the species of dolphin

8. Jonah

After the man from the Bible who was swallowed by a whale

9. Lir

After the children of Lir who were turned into swans.

10. Maris

Meaning ‘Of the sea’

11. Davy

After  in Davy Jones' Locker

12. Maury

Meaning ‘sea channel’

13. Solomon

Meaning ‘underwater ridge’

14. Nemo

After Captain Nemo, the fictional submarine captain from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

15. Alvin

After the famous manned submersible

16. Murdoch

Meaning ‘protector of the sea’

17. Bartholomew

After Captain Black Bart the pirate

18. Davit

After the small crane on a ship that is used to lower smaller boats

19. Eric

After Eric the Red

20. Fraser

After the yachting company

21. Leander

After a light cruiser that served with the Royal New Zealand Navy during World War II

22. Talbot

After the ship, the HMS Talbot

23. Conway

Meaning ‘from the holy river’ in Welsh

24. Earwyn

Meaning 'friend of the sea'

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