Big Kids

Flying with kids? Here's what you need to do to ensure you're still talking to your other half when you land

It's summer at last, you can finally take that well deserved holiday you have been saving for all year long.  

If you have young kids though, the idea of the flight might not seem too appealing.

There will always be the stress of how to keep them quiet and entertained for three hours, nobody wants to be the person who's child screams for the entire flight (we've all been there).

But don't cancel your plans just yet, we have a few tips to make flying with your children as easy as possible, for everyone involved.

1. Communicate

Talking to the kids before the flight is always a good idea. Explain to them exactly what will happen on the plane and how they should behave. Communication with your partner is key too. It is always a good idea to be on the same page in regards to who is doing what with the kids, discipline on the flight etc.

2. Plan activities

A classic pass time for kids on a flight. Make a big deal of buying a brand new colouring book and colours and they will be entertained for hours. Bring a pack of playing cards and everyone can play together. Teaching them a new game like go fish or snap will keep them extra quiet as they concentrate.

3. Mind their ears

One big thing that causes a child to kick up a fuss on a plane is sore ears. depending on their age, give them a soother or lollipops to help with ear pressure.

4. Stock up on snacks

The flight will have snacks on board but it is a good idea to bring your own in case what is on offer isn't suitable for your kids, or they don't like what's on offer. Bring a few treats too, they are on holiday after all!

5. Choose their seat wisely

Maybe the window seat will keep them interested, maybe you will have to sit beside the window to prevent siblings fighting, whatever it is, choose their seat before the flight. Make sure they know where they are sitting in advance to prevent a fuss on board.

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