Flower names are going to be super popular this year

The most popular baby name trends vary from year to year but one that always seems to appear is names inspired by flowers. The delicate and beautiful monikers are huge favourites with new mums, especially for those who have just welcomed daughters.

Flower names are set to be huge in 2020 so we decided to put together a list of our favourite flower names to give you expectant-mamas some inspiration.

We know choosing a name for your newborn can seem impossible at the best of times but perhaps one of these monikers will be perfect for your little bud.

  1. Poppy meaning red flower

  2. Daisy meaning day’s eye

  3. Lily meaning pure

  4. Rosie after the beautiful red rose 

  5. Marigold meaning golden flower

  6. Fleur meaning flower in French

  7. Blathnaid meaning blossoms in Irish

  8. Violet meaning affection and virtue

  9. Primrose meaning first rose

  10. Holly after the festive plant

  11. Ivy which symbolizes eternity

  12. Sage meaning wise

  13. Belladonna meaning beautiful lady

  14. Clover meaning good luck

  15. Flora after the Roman goddess of flowers

  16. Posy meaning a bunch of flowers


What flower name do you love the most?

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