Flourless recipes: Double chocolate almond cookies anyone?

Thursday is the perfect day for baking! The weekend is nearly here, so it's time to bake yourself some treats for the next few days for when you’re feeling peckish!

And these flourless uber-chocolatey gooey cookies are exactly the kind of treat we have in mind!

Photo Of Chocolate Cookie On Piece Of Fabric

You’ll need…

200g powdered sugar

100g whole almonds

150g cocoa powder

1/2tsp sea salt

50g dark chocolate chips

2 egg whites

1tsp vanilla essence

baked chocolate cookie

Turn on your oven to 200C to heat up while you’re cooking.

Pour powdered sugar into a large bowl. Chop up your almonds into small chunks and add them in on top of the sugar.

Next, pour in your cocoa powder, sea salt and dark chocolate chips. Mix together, until all the dry ingredients are fully combined. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, separate your eggs, keeping only the egg whites. Using a whisk, whip them into a foam before adding vanilla essence. Gently stir it in to combine.

Next, add your dry ingredients bowl into your egg whites bowl and fold them into the egg white gently, ensuring your mixture becomes thick and sticky.

Lay parchment paper out on a baking tray.

Using a scoop, spoon out small portions of the cookie dough and space them out evenly on the parchment paper.

Bake for 20-25 minutes, using a toothpick to test if they’re cooked through and enjoy with a glass of milk!

brown chocolate cupcake on white surface

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