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Five-month-old baby remains on waiting list as her parents mourn brother

Starting a family is a huge undertaking, but something you cherish with every inch of your life. 

And for, Frank and Linda Carroll, they wanted nothing more than to complete their little family. 

Nonetheless, they faced an uphill battle, as they tried to conceive a baby for almost twenty years. 

The couple saved for many years so they could afford IVF treatment, hoping their dream to become parents would become reality, and last year they were successful. 

Frank and Linda were about to become parents to twins – their family complete. 

Shortly after the news of Linda's pregnancy was confirmed, the parents-to-be were informed one of their children would have a heart condition, and Down syndrome was also noted as a possibility.

Tragically, one of the twins passed away, not surviving birth, the couple's baby boy, Robert. 

Louise, their baby daughter, survived, born with congenital heart disease and Down Syndrome. Since birth, her heart condition has steadily deteriorated.

Now almost five-months-old, Louise continues to reside at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin.

The tot has severely poor heart function, so severe, that she is not even being considered for surgery as her prognosis is not proving positive.

Naturally, neither Mum or Dad can work throughout this period in their lives, as they spend their days with their baby girl, gaining as much time as possible by her side.

But while they are attending the hospital, the couple continue to pay bills including their mortgage, accommodation in Ronald MacDonald house, travel and medical expenses. 

The family are an inspiration to many, but the stress associated with meeting their financial needs during this time is a constant strain as they try to spend quality time with their toddler. 

Cliona's Foundation has been a helping hand to the Carroll's, however, at present there are 27 families that are labelled as urgent on their waiting list for financial aid.

The non-profit organisation have aided many families throughout the years but they have no choice but to put families like the Carroll's on a waiting list due to funding. 

If you'd like any information as to how you can help families like the Carroll's continue to spend time with their tot, make sure and check out Cliona's Foundation here

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