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Firefighters rescue two lost animals when battling wildfires in California

Firefighters in California are working around the clock to get wildfires under control.

Between battling the blazes, evacuating people and helping residents, firefighters stumbled upon two tired, hungry animals.

Two donkeys were lost and thirsty when the Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 found them. 

Taking to Facebook, the firefighters said that they found the pair in an "area completely devastated" by the wildfire. 

"SFD Fire Chief Gary Loesch and firefighter Chris Harvey came across these two donkeys walking down the center of the street looking very sad, thirsty and hungry," stated the post.

"Animal control was dispatched," they added.

Whilst the crew awaited help from animal control, they lured the terrified donkeys in with juicy apples.

The firefighters uploaded a sweet photo of the donkeys gobbling up the apples.

The animals were soon safely rescued, and it was all thanks to the incredible firefighters. 

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