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Festive Fun: The kids will love these Christmassy arts and crafts

Happy Chaos, mums. We all know that during these long, dark winter evenings it can be hard for parents to entertain their little ones- especially on the run up to Christmas. We all wish we were one of those super creative parents that makes remarkable science projects, homemade birthday invitations and tasty baked goods with EVERY dietary requirement in the class.

However if like me, you weren't blessed with the creative skills of Santa's elves, its time to try something a little less complicated this Christmas.

Here are 5 easy-peasy Crafts to do with the kids this Christmas:

1. Cotton Wool Kris Kringle

Ah, cotton wool…from the early days of parenting to taking off your teen's nail polish, cotton wool has always been there for us mums. That fluffy stuff can come to the rescue once again, as Santa's snow white beard. Draw a chubby, jolly face with a hat (or consult momma google for a colouring page of St Nick) and grab some pritt stick. Let them glue it WHEREVER they want. At Christmas, all rules go out the window- if Santa's beard is coming from his nose, so be it!

Photo: Festival Collection

2. Scissor Snowflakes

Just like your little elves, each snowflake is completely unique- so use this fact to your advantage. Cut out a big circle in white paper and fold a few times along the diameter. Give those who have mastered their scissors skills permission to go to town cutting out shapes. Open them up, revealing the most unique snowflakes you have ever seen- perfect for hanging on frosty windows.

3. Paper Plate Snowmen

Do I need to explain? Hum We're Walking in the Air as you and your little helpers tape or glue two large paper plates together, with a third smaller one for the head. Again, no rules required. The snowman turns out pink with eyes made from whatever your toddler has in her pocket, that's what Christmas is all about (kinda.)

4. Hand-Print Christmas Trees

Sorry, but you didn't think we'd get through the list without finger painting, did you? Lay down last weeks newspapers and get those old shirts on. Again, it's exactly as it says on the tin. A tiny green hand-print as the tree (or foot print if you REALLY want to be the funnest mum EVER) and little coloured finger prints as the decorations- what could be easier?

5. Toilet Roll Elves

Yes, the name will get them giggling. Think about it. It's very likely that if you wander into your loo RIGHT NOW you will discover at least one empty toilet roll. Whether it was your other half or your kids, every mums brain has a teeny tiny space completely dedicated to the removal of these empty rolls.

Finally you've found a use for these ever-present annoyances. Take a whole empty cardboard roll for the body and head of the elf. Cut one in half and cut a slit in it, rolling it into a cone shape. Glue em' together. This will be the tiny elf. Decorate as you wish, draw or stick on some pointy ears and even use some left over cotton wool for a few veteran elves… Christmas cuties!

So there you have the easiest peasiest Christmas crafts to fill these chaotic afternoons on the run up to the big night- you're welcome.

Merry Christmas mommas and good luck!

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