Fat unicorn cakes are a thing and we NEED them

You've heard of unicorn cakes. A magical combination of our two favourite things, unicorns and dessert. 

We can all agree that they're adorable, enchanting, all we need to make us feel like a fairy princess. 


Friendly reminder that you're a magical unicorn : @flourshop)

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Well, what if we could take the unicorn cake, make it a hundred times cuter and a thousand times sassier?!

Not possible, you say?

Then let me present you with….. the fat unicorn cake! 

 We're in love with these content and chubby little faces, passed out from a snacking overload. 

They're almost too cute to eat (emphasis on the almost). 


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Why be on a cake, when you can eat the cake?! 

Spirit animal right there. 

Excuse us while we frantically search for a way to have them delivered to our door.  

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