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Family's social media plea highlights boy's facial malformation

Mum Kirsty McKenna has taken to social media to raise awareness around her son's painful condition, which she has struggled to receive support for.

Little Mathis, is suffering from vascular and lymphatic malformation, which is described as a bubble under the skin that can inflame drastically at any time.

However, the inflammation can be quite painful, and for little Mathis who suffers with the condition on his face, it has been quite a chronic journey. 

The youngster can barely eat, which has resulted in him losing weight and becoming quite low in iron, while his inflammations usually occur during the night, making breathing difficult. 

Moreover, his teeth have started to push due to the severity of his growth. 

Mathis' family in County Wicklow are raising awareness around the condition, as they're hoping to raise enough money to seek medical help in the United Kingdom. 

His aunt has created a GoFundMe while his mum updates supporters on the tots medical progress, with daily explanations of the conditions effect. 

If you'd like to keep up to date on Mathis' condition and support his family, you can do so on their Facebook page

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