Family visits new mum in hospital, but nothing could prepare them for what happened next

When your family visit following the arrival of the latest addition, they come bearing presents and gush about how cute your newborn is.

But what happens when they arrive and YOU have a gift for THEM?

Lori Henderson's family and friends were both excited and delighted when she gave birth to little baby Finn. However, when they arrived at the hospital for a cuddle with the latest addition, they were left in absolute shock.

That's because Lori and her husband had failed to tell everyone that they were expecting TWINS, and there, right beside Finn, was little Colby. 

Not surprisingly, everyone's reaction is absolutely priceless, and thankfully someone was there to record it all! 

Calling it their "best kept secret", one woman claims she knew there was something up before she arrived at the hospital but still cries with joy.

This is incredibly sweet, but we don’t think we’d be able to hold such a secret for so long!

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