Family gets the ultimate revenge on first-time parents using a BEAR

Reddit user lizbunbun made it clear to everyone that when gifting your nieces and nephews, you need to think twice, it can always come back to haunt you!

Liz’s husband bought each niece and nephew a giant stuffed bear for their very first birthday, being quite the sentimental and exceptionally funny uncle.

But now that the couple is expecting their first child, their sisters and brothers have decided to one up, investing in a 93 INCH bear for the newborn’s impending arrival.

My SIL's family's gift for our soon-to-arrive firstborn, the 93 inch bear from Costco. Husband's given each of our nieces and nephews a giant (but not this giant) stuffed bear for each of their first birthdays… They couldn't pass up this opportunity for revenge. from BabyBumps

It is HUGE.

And as cute as it is, there’d be absolutely no way we’d be leaving that in the baby’s room…has anyone ever seen Chucky?!

Kudos to the in-laws on their excellent plan for revenge though, it could not have been better.

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