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Family day out: EPIC Museum hosting St.Brigid’s Day events

St.Brigid’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to spend it than on a day out with your family?

If you’re planning on enjoying a great day jam-packed with fun activities then look no further as EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum has great events planned. 

There are two events you can attend- one is suitable for everyone aged 6 years+, while the second event has been organised for families with children aged 6 years and under. This way, everybody can get involved in the St.Brigid’s Day fun. 

First up, there is a workshop called Explorers: Brigid’s Brideogs, where you can create your very own Brideog doll. You will get to learn about why Irish emigrants made Brideogs and what they did with them when they travelled around the world.

Attendees can craft a doll of Brigid, of yourself or of another inspirational woman in your life. Get hands on with history as you create your own doll. This event takes place on February 6, 2023 at 2pm-3pm. It is suitable for children aged 6+ and adults of all ages. The cost of the workshop is €12, which includes a ticket for one adult and one child. 

The second event EPIC has on for St.Brigid’s Day is called Tiny Tots: Brigid’s Stories. Visitors will get to meet Irish saint and Celtic goddess ‘Brigid’ as she weaves you a tale about incredible women from Irish history. You will hear stories of pirates, pilots, mountaineers and poets.

This interactive storytelling session will utilise historical re-enactment and imaginative storytelling, to bring the stories from Irish history to life. This session is suitable for families with children aged 6 and under and is included as part of your EPIC ticket price. The drop-in session takes place from 10am-11am on February 6.

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