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Falling to pieces: parents have stopped buying Lego for THIS reason

For the first time since 2004, toy giant and childhood-staple Lego has reported a massive drop in sales. 

Revenues for the company dropped 8% and operating profit fell 16%. Chief executive Niels Christiansen said: “Last year was a challenging year and overall we are not satisfied with the financial results.” 

Why, you ask? 

They made too many bricks, and it's too expensive 

According to the BBC,  Lego spokeswoman said that there was “too much” stock in warehouses and shops. Basically,  because the firm admitted to creating too many bricks.

“There wasn't enough room to get 2017 toys into the stores, and the toy trade is driven by newness,” she said.

When parents were asked by the HuffPost why they've stopped buying lego, they mainly cited the raising cost of sets. 

If you're a fan of the colourful bricks however don't worry. The company isn't going anywhere just yet. 

"During the year, revenues declined, however consumer sales – or sales in stores – remained flat. This shows that consumers (kids and their parents) are continuing to buy from retailers," Lego's spokeswoman confirmed.

What do you think? Has Lego reached it's peak or will there always be room for this timeless classic? 

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