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Expecting multiples? 10 reasons to celebrate having twins

Being told you're expecting twins can be a bit of a shock to a lot of mums (and dads, of course).

With thoughts of making double the amount of bottles in the middle of the night and the sheer cost of having to buy twice the volume of nappies, it can be quite overwhelming and a little terrifying if we're being honest!

However, there are PLENTY of reasons having multiples is incredible; and we've got 11 of them here! 

1. You get to dress them in the same clothes 

WHENEVER you like!  

2. Shopping for two sets of tiny babygrows

Expensive, yes; heart-melting, yes.  

3. Double the love 

And kisses, and cuddles, and hugs EVERY DAY.

4. They are instant BFFs! 

And you get to sit back and enjoy their endless babbling as their bond gets a lot stronger. 

5. If you only want two kids you never have to go through pregnancy again


6. Double the milestones

If you miss one taking their first steps on the camera you have a second shot… Sure, no one knows who is who. 

7. Endless video ops, ESPECIALLY when they start to speak their own made up language 

YouTube stars in the making. 

8. Only having to organise ONE birthday party a year

That is DEFINITELY the best part if we're being honest! 

9. They can keep each other amused 

So that means you're off the hook when it comes to playing make believe!

10. You learn the art of patience a lot quicker 

And your tolerance levels go up as you grapple with two cranky kids at exactly the same time. 


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