Expecting a baby this summer? You'll LOVE these cheerful names

The summer is finally here and we are thrilled. The sky is clear blue, the sun is constantly shining, and we couldn’t be happier.

There are so many bright and beautiful baby names to choose from if you're having a summer baby.

We have put together a list of 20 stunning names that are perfect for your summer baby. We hope this list gives you expectant-mums some inspiration.


1: Samson- meaning sun

2: Sandy- alternative to sand

3: Kai- meaning sea

4: River- meaning calmness and strength

5: Lucas meaning light

6: Eden- meaning delight

7- Skylar- alternative to sky

8- Ray- meaning kingly

9- Leo- meaning brave

10- Julian- meaning child of July


11: Paloma- meaning dove

12: Daisy- meaning day's eye

13: Ruby- birthstone for July

14: Adrianna- French for sea

15: Dawn – the start of the day

16: Genevieve – meaning white wave

17: Marigold- a flower that blooms all summer

18: June- meaning youthful

19: Marina- meaning sea

20: Aoibhinn- meaning beautiful radiance


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